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Before & After simple edit

The goal as a professional photographer is always minimize my editing by “getting it right in camera”. I can say I have accomplished this goal with…CONFIDENCE.

YES there are some lighting situations that this does not always happen and there are also more creative images where this cannot happen. For the most part as a professional photographer knowing your light source, camera and settings is a MUST. So getting it right in camera will make your post processing much easier!

Here is a simple before an after. This baby had great skin so it was an easy example. The only difference on a baby with acne or blotchy skin would be more hand edits. The lighting and colors would remain the same.

Behind the scenes of this image:

Equipment: Canon Mark iv  , Sigma art 35mm, Alien bee (light source)

Editing: Lightroom -> Photoshop CC 17

[before-after viewer_position=”center” offset=”.5″ move_on_hover=”true” is_wiggle=”true” overlay=”false”]


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