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Can I write this blog post with 8% battery left? That’s the big question.

8% (battery) is sometimes what I feel like I’m running on. YOU?  I bet most mom’s do, especially this new mama. I remember the new mom blur…working on little to no sleep and not really sure if you’re doing anything right. That good ole 8% battery life!

I better hurry 4%…

Well this little man couldn’t wait to meet his Mom & Dad that he came 3 weeks early! He is healthy as can be and I get to snuggle him next week. He is the son of not only this gorgeous and brilliant mama, his dad is also a United States Marine. If you know me you know I have major respect for anyone who has or is fighting for our country and our safety. You also know that I take pride in my images honoring them!

So we have ordered the little Camo pants & hat and wait until you see what I do!

Until then here are some of her images that are absolutely STUNNING! 2016-05-03_00072016-05-03_00012016-05-03_00052016-05-03_00062016-05-03_00082016-05-03_00142016-05-03_00132016-05-03_00102016-05-03_00092016-05-03_00172016-05-03_00192016-05-03_00202016-05-03_0021

Dresses from www.shoptaopan.com

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