John turns ONE!

Sand in the face and he is still so happy UNTIL…..

Before I tell you what happened here’s a little about me and my family. Like most Massachusetts residents we vacation to a warmer climate in the winter. Every year my family heads to South Florida to visit my parents, sister and extended family.  It’s a good chance to unwind, get some Vitamin D and spend time with family. It also means beach photos. Who doesn’t love beach photography!? I secretly want to move to the beach so I can open up a studio and work indoors and outdoors all year long.  A girl can dream!

For now I will photograph on the beach whenever I can. Which is where John comes in. John is a family friends son. He was turning ONE while I was visiting….PERFECT! We scheduled his shoot for sunrise on Delray Beach, coffee & camera in hand I was ready.

John arrives (with mom) and he is so happy and adorably dressed. I couldn’t ask for more. As the sun rose we began shooting. John was doing great, smiling, looking at the camera, playing with sand and even getting sand all over his face. The sand did not seem to bother him one bit UNTIL….We got him naked! I mean who doesn’t love a baby bum in the sand. Mom agreed! John, not so much.

 John was not having it. Cold sand on his bum was not so great. The tears began to flow and the session was quickly over. I got only a handful of images of his bum in the sand and they were PERFECT.  I only needed a couple seconds and that’s all he gave us. A snack and his momma and he was smiling at me again…Freshie!

Note to self….WARM THE SAND (somehow)

First Birthday, beach session,massachusetts photographer
Birthday Beach session




First Birthday, beach session,massachusetts photographer


beach session, birthday, one, first birthday, beach bum


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