When should I book my session?

We suggest you book your session as soon as you can. There is a small deposit required to hold

your session. Once you have announced pregnancy is great or a month before session! We do take last

minute bookings if we can.

When do you photograph Maternity sessions?

I photograph pregnant mommy’s when they are around 32 weeks. We want the belly nice and

round. We also want mom very comfortable so we don’t wait too long.


When do you photograph Newborns?

I photograph newborns before they are 14 days old. This helps with the sleepy images.


How do you schedule a Newborn Session before baby is born?

Your due date will go into my calendar. This helps plan the session. Once you have your baby

you will contact me and we will schedule the session before the baby is 14 days old.


Do you have props & outfits?

YES! The studio is filled with adorable handmade knits and outfits. There are also a number of

props and fabrics.


Do you choose my images or do I?

You will choose every image. An ordering appointment will be scheduled at the time of your

session for a week after your session.


How long after the session will it be before our images will be ready?

Your images will be ready within two-three weeks. Sometimes Sooner!


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