My Non-Toxic Journey

I like to “keep it real” with every aspect of my life and health and wellness shouldn’t be any different! I am not a health professional just a mom trying to give my family the best/healthiest things and stay away from anything TOXIC. They are my WHY!!! I will share here what works for me and what I LOVE. I’ll keep it real with you ALWAYS.

It seems that most people become more health conscious after they have their children. It usually starts with food, going organic or eating cleaner. Then some take it a little further and change products in their home, put sanitizer everywhere and don’t allow shoes in the house. However you start it doesn’t matter. Just START!

Here is how I try and live a more clean life…

  • For the most part eat “healthy” my kids love green smoothies, take their vitamins and eat vegetables. I cook often so I know what we are eating. I buy organic and try and limit processed foods as much as I can. I love labels with ingredients I can read. Now this doesn’t mean I ban Oreo’s and junk food, I try and find a balance. Chocolate & Chips STAY
  • I kicked the chemical cleaners & a lot of bad body care products out of my house! This one was HUGE for me. I didn’t want my kids (and us) breathing in or applying “fragrance” and chemicals that are harmful to their bodies. Sorry news flash those things are in your cleaners!!!!!!! This subject really gets under my skin (literally). Ever ask yourself why Europe bans 1200 chemicals and we could give a shit? Also a lot of this stuff is bad for the environment. So we have to do our own research. I would like to live as long as I can and keep my kids healthy and guide them to a healthy adult life when they can make their own decisions about health.

So what do I use and love?

Essential Oils & Thieves Products from YL (Young Living) is where it all began

Thieves cleaner has taken over and it actually cleans. It is the number one reason I started with YL. I saw from a friend an alternative to cleaning products that had ZERO chemicals and has been tested and actually cleans bacteria naturally. The oils were just a bonus at the time and I had no idea I would fall in love with them and use them EVERYDAY. I am regularly diffusing oils, using them topically and cleaning my house with them. I am not new to oils, I was using oils years ago without great knowledge. I would put them in the shower and thats about it. I didn’t research the brand and just trusted the label. Isn’t that what we are programmed to do? TRUST companies without doing our own research (EYE-ROLL) . I did my research and found nothing to stop me from trying YL. I’m so happy I took a leap, bought a kit and some cleaner. I am now using their supplements, baby products, and body care products. I will be honest with what works for me ALWAYS. My next journey with them is their SAVVY Minerals makeup. I am trying that ASAP so stick with me and I will share it all! MY IG feed is filled with things I LOVE <3

So where do you begin your non-toxic journey?

There are two ways to jump into Young Living, becoming a member like I did or just buying retail like you went shopping at a store! Here is the difference:

Wholesale Members

  • By purchasing a kit for $165 (retails for $400) you get anything YL offers for 24% off! There are a few different starter kits . The Premium Starter kit (what I started with)c omes with 12 everyday essential oils, a diffuser, a Thieves household cleaner sample, two roller filaments, two NingXia Red packets and a thieves hand purifier. You can also start with a Thieves Household Cleaning Starter Kit, a NingXia Red starter kit or a Savvy Minerals starter kit!
  • You also join compensation plan & earn commission…but you don’t have to sell, just enjoy the 24% off if you’d like!
  • My favorite part… enjoy the benefits of Essential Rewards!!! This is where you get the FREEBIES
  • You’ll also be joining a wellness community, Greater Good co.! You’ll be added to a private Facebook group filled with education materials, classes, support, answers to all your questions and so much more!
Desert Mist starter kit

Retail Customer

  • NO obligation to buy a starter kit
  • Pay full price for products…thats about it!