I am a bold, in the nicest way, woman. Just here trying to keep it real, ALWAYS! Sharing a little about my life to inspire yours. Motherhood is a scary & beautiful thing. My journey as a photographer will allow me to share the ups and downs of both is an aesthetically pleasing way. I want to make you laugh along the way as we work out the kinks! AND…there are a lot of kinks TRUST ME!

I have been a professional photographer in central Massachusetts for over 8yrs. I am currently on a break from sessions to raise energetic tiny versions of me and my husband.  We have 3 beautiful children, 8, 3 and 1! So let’s just say 2 under two for a bit was enough to slow me down with work…like complete stop slow!

I’ve grown and felt inspired by babies in so many ways. They have taught me so much, seeing them through my lens.

This is a crazy ride, I love sharing it and a community like this feels great!

“Life happens so fast and there are so many beautiful details we can’t possibly remember….capture them and remember them forever!” -Katrina

Our family photos were taken by my amazing friend Elise Meader